Eclipsed Crown Colosseum Unseen Hand of Malice Preview

Unseen Hand of Malice will be the second Colosseum Event.

Event details:

  • Period: 2/1/2013 (EST) - ???

The grand tourney of the Eclipsed Crown Colosseum has returned! Supreme rewards! Intense battles! Powerful new cards!

Also, new Daily Ranking Battle rewards have appeared to aid you in the Colosseum! Lay your hands on them fast, and get ready for the fight of your life!

And, in the arena of the Colosseum, a huge wall stands in your way... Are you daring enough to knock it down?

Foil the deceit and malice, that shrouds the tournament! May your swords ring true, mighty warriors of the Dragon Tribe!

From the in-game preview


  • Tourney potion: Required for Colosseum Battles. Currently awarded in Daily Ranking Battle rewards.
  • MR Premium key: Guaranteed to draw 1 Mega Rare Card. Likely a top ranking prize.
  • SR Premium key (Rank A): Guaranteed to draw 2 Super Rare cards. Likely a high ranking prize.
  • SR Premium key (Rank B): Guaranteed to draw 1 Super Rare card. Likely a mid ranking prize.