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Welcome to the Reign of Dragons WikiEdit

Reign of Dragons Wiki, a community of people working together to make a wiki for all to use.

About Reign of DragonsEdit

Reign of Dragons is an iOS / Android game set in a world where the Dragon King, about to be killed by Forces of Shadow, has torn a hole in Space-Time.  This hole in Space-Time causes the world to continuously repeat in a Thirteen Day cycle.

Players gather cards through questing and other means, and strengthen them in order to fight other players and try to become the next Dragon King.

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Game Information

  • Seller: Drecom Co., Ltd
  • Category: Games
  • Size: 15.0 MB
  • Rating: Rated 9+ for the following reasons
    • Infrequent / Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

Game Requirements

  • iPhone 4, 4S, 5
  • iPod Touch (4th generation)
  • iPad IOS 4.3 or later
  • Android 2.3, 4.0 or later

Card DatabaseEdit


| 1* | 2* | 3* | 4* | 5* | 6* |

| Common | Uncommon | Rare | Super Rare | Mega Rare 

Deck BonusesEdit

Reign of Dragons gives you additional bonuses to your decks power based upon the realm and type of cards that you use.

  • Realm Bonus   Symbol.chaos.16 Symbol.genesis.16 Symbol.justice.16
    • Each card in your deck that matches the realm of your Captain card will recieve a 9% boost to ATK/DEF power.
    • Having 3 or more cards in your deck with matching Realms (any) will give a buff to that realms cards ATK/DEF. (Amount Unknown)
  • Battle Formations   Sword-small Circle-small Heart-small
    • You can gain bonuses to ATK/DEF or impose penalties on your opponents ATK/DEF depending on the number of each type of card in your deck.
  • Skills
    • Stronger cards have skills, that may apply a bonus to either itself, to some or all of your cards, or even a negative effect to some or all of your opponent's cards.